Real Time Gaming’s 3 Card Poker Games Online

When it comes to casino games, poker is certainly one of the most popular of them all. There are many variations of the game including Omaha stud, 5 card draw and Texas Hold’em. One of the most popular online poker games is Real Time Gaming’s classic 3 Card Poker. This high quality online card game is similar to standard video poker but also includes a few twists. In the notes below we are going to look at how the game works and how to get started playing online.

If you are familiar with classic 5 card draw video poker, the setup for 3 Card Poker will be easy to understand. The game consists of a single poker table with multiple betting areas. The dealer is situated at the top of the table with the players at the bottom. The player’s chips are displayed at the bottom right hand corner is the screen with the betting area in the middle of the table. The game begins with the player placing his or her bet on the table.

The Ante bet and Pair Plus Bet

In 3 Card Poker, there are two types of bets that can be placed. Firstly, there is the ante bet which is a standard online poker USA bet based on the outcome of the hand. The second bet is the pair plus bet. This is an additional and optional bet that can be placed in conjunction with the ante bet. The pair plus wager is a bet where the player will be paid out is his or her hand contains a pair or better.

Once the player has placed their bet on one or both of the betting options, the dealer will deal the player three cards facing up and himself three cards facing down. In 3 Card Poker if the player placed a pair plus wager, this wager will be paid out if the hand contains a pair or trip. If the hand does not contain a pair, the player loses their pair plus wager. If a player has placed an ante wager, they can then decide to fold or to raise the bet.

The Poker Hands and Payouts

In a game of 3 Card Poker, a player must raise the bet in order to force the dealer to reveal his cards. If the player folds, he or she will forfeit the ante bet. If the player does raise the bet, the ante bet is doubled. At this point, the dealer will then flip over his cards and determine the outcome of the game. The dealer must have a high card of a queen or higher in order to win the hand.

The poker hands in 3 Card Poker are based on the classic poker hand ranking with obvious exceptions for hands that require more than three cards. The hand rankings are as follows. The lowest wining hand is a high card, followed by a single pair. The next highest ranking hand is a flush followed by straight and then three of a kind. The highest scoring hand is a straight flush.