National Lotto can Change Lives

As with any game of chance that offers a life-changing reward, the odds against winning a lottery are huge. However, with many countries now offering a national lotto, lottery punters are helping to change lives every time they play, whether they win or not. While more conservative governments might be wary of the dangers posed by problem gambling, even they realise how much revenue the gaming industry can contribute to state coffers, which in turn can be used for a variety of government programmes, from social development to improving infrastructure. Lotteries, which offer players the chance at a variety of wins (including massive jackpots) for a relatively small outlay, are seen as a safe middle ground.

A national lotto brings in consistent revenue, without forcing punters to wager excessively. The proliferation of online gaming operations has increased the value of a national lotto in two ways: firstly, it makes it possible for more people to participate in each draw, through the ease and convenience of online and mobile casino USA sites. Secondly, it has allowed many states to retain the ownership of their lotteries (and continue using the profits for social benefits), while outsourcing the operation of the national lotto to private companies that can run it more cost-effectively, by piggybacking the lottery onto their existing online infrastructure.

Different Games, Different Odds

Australia is one of the countries reaping the benefits of public/private collaboration on the national lotto. Games that were formerly available only regionally in the different states and territories are now available countrywide, so that Australians have at least one lottery option (and sometimes two or three) on six nights of the week.

The odds vary from game to game, as do the prizes. Australia’s Powerball, for example, requires players to match six numbers drawn from a drum containing 45 balls, and then a seventh ball, drawn from a separate barrel of 20, to win the Division 1 jackpot. So the odds against winning that jackpot are higher than those involved in Australia’s Saturday Lotto, for instance: in that game, players only need to match six balls drawn from a pool of 45 to take the top jackpot. But the Saturday Lotto jackpot usually averages around AU$4-million, and very seldom gets as high as AU$30-million; the Australian Powerball, on the other hand, has paid a top prize of AU$80-million.

Germany’s national lotto requires players to match six numbers drawn from 49 balls, plus one additional number drawn from a pool of 10, so it is even harder to win than the Australian Powerball, and the German national lotto’s biggest possible jackpot is 47-million Euros, or roughly AU$73.5-million. Online sites give players all over the world access to a variety of these national lotto’s, so comparing the odds and the possible wins before choosing a lottery to play is always a good idea.

Countries With a National Lotto

At present, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America all run one or more national lotto games. There are also transnational lotteries available in several countries at once, such as the Euro Millions Lottery and Euro Jackpot Lottery.

Through registered online lottery sites, and depending on local regulations, many of these lotteries are available to people in other countries as well. Players keen to play the numbers can investigate all of these options, and their applicable local regulations, online.